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Your acceptance to the group depends on following these instructions.

Founder and chief moderator Gina Pera reads and processes each application. This is time-intensive and many applicants await.

Your chances of being welcomed to the group depend on following these instructions the first time. 

About the Application Process — there is a deadline

After applying to join this group, you will receive an auto-send file asking for more information. These details serve three purposes:

1. Help other members respond to you and the details of your situation.

2. Help you to start focusing on identifying specific challenges

3. Validate perceptions of other group members in similar situations provides a limited amount of time to send in your introduction — before it cancels your application. For Gina to process your application efficiently, please submit your introduction soon after you apply.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an auto-send mail listing reliable resources.  Please read it

Since 2004, when founding the group, Gina has responded personally to each new member. Look for that e-mail. 

What is ADHD Partner Group?

It is an e-mail-based, discussion-support group solely for the partners (and sometimes parents and other loved ones) of adults with ADHD. 

There is no other group like it. I founded ADHD Partner in 2004. It is the first and longest running group for the partners of adults with ADHD —and the only group facilitated by an internationally recognized Adult ADHD expert, author, and trainer.

We focus on evidence-based strategies and progress.  Most members find the group via my book and my blog:

Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?

ADHD Roller Coaster

This is not a "moan and groan" group.  But there is definitely a place for "venting." Better to do that with us than your ADHD partner.

Some members have ADHD themselves, in dual-ADHD relationships.  These issues are not about "ADHD vs Non-ADHD".

Please know: This has been a labor of love for all these years. It was not designed as a "marketing tool" for my work.   Quite the opposite:  This group motivated me to write my first book, because someone had to document the reality — and shine a light on the path to healing. 

The Internet often seems one big hustle. But please know that has never been my thing.  If you are encouraged to read my books or take my course, it is for one reason only: It will help you

Why a Support Group?

Unfortunately, many mental-health professionals remain unfamiliar with this highly variable syndrome called Adult ADHD. Many claim expertise but do not have it.

Online, you often the same advice repeatedly. But that does not mean it is good advice.

The last 5 years have seen commercial interests advance an agenda that dangerously downplays the reality of ADHD while promoting non-experts as experts. Beware of "gaslighting." 

What About Privacy?

NOTE: Your e-mail address AND the name associated with it will appear in every post to the group.

We encourage you to use an e-mail pseudonym, so you can speak freely.  But the choice—and the risk—is yours. 

Don't want your name to show in your e-mails to the group?  Simple: Apply with an e-mail address that does not show your name!  

Don't know what will show in e-mails to the group? Send yourself an e-mail and see.

Changing your e-mail address after the fact is possible but will require a bit of effort on your part.  We cannot help you with that. Check the "help".

How Does the Group Work?

The group works on your own time. Send an e-mail and go about your business. Come back later to read responses. When you can, please support and respond to others.

Is There a Membership Fee?

There's never been a fee. Some people can truly afford nothing. Others, however, can.

At month's end, you'll receive a "suggested donation" e-mail. The options are Paypal and Venmo.

This service is truly priceless. Thank you for acknowledging it with whatever you can afford. If you can afford nothing, no problem; take care of yourself.

Please note: Gina has never accepted pharmaceutical-industry support. That makes her a rarity online—and it makes a difference in the quality of information.

Who Leads ADHD Partner?

Gina Pera founded the group in 2004 and remains chief moderator.  The group has served as a unique lifeline for 10,000+ members.

Several longtime group members have stepped up to help with the co-moderating.  And we are so grateful. Other longtime members also bring the voice of experience.

Who is Gina Pera?

ADHD Partner founder  Gina Pera is internationally recognized for her expertise in Adult ADHD, especially as it can affect relationships. 

Gina literally "wrote the book" on" Adult ADHD and relationships. 

Her 2008  Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?, was the first book to detail the potential impact of ADHD on the adults themselves and their partners—and to explain evidence-based treatment strategies. Also the first book to explain the complexity of "denial."  This bestseller remains as relevant today as it did when first published.

Preeminent experts in the field of Adult ADHD and of couple therapy have endorsed her first book and her second (with Arthur L. Robin, PhD), Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions

What Other Resources Does Gina Offer?

What are the Expectations for Members?

  • Courtesy and respect
  • Sharing support, setbacks, and progress reports
  • No marketing or sharing links, ever.   
  • No writing to other members off-list, ever.
  • Pro-actively pursuing solid education, not reading and sharing from random articles online.

We ask members to be pro-active in their education. Use solid sources (not articles at commercial websites). You'll receive a list of recommended resources.

Do not expect others to educate you on ADHD basics. That is draining to other members, and it is not a good way to learn.

ADHD is highly variable. What works for one person may not work in your case. Despite what we often see online, people with ADHD are not clones. There is no "ADHD Brain." ADHD is a highly variable syndrome and it affects individuals.

This is a place to find your voice.  Not to ask, "Now what are the stimulant choices?"  :-)

If your application is accepted, you will receive an auto-send mail listing reliable resources.  Please read it.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You!

Thank you for your interest in ADHD Partner (formerly at Yahoogroups). 

Gina Pera and Co-moderators


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