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Why An Introduction?

The introduction serves three purposes:

  1. Helps other members respond to you
  2. Helps you to start focusing on identifying your specific challenges
  3. Validates experiences of other members in similar situations

What Is ADHD Partner Group?

  • It is a discussion group solely for the partners (and sometimes parents and other loved ones) of adults with ADHD. 
  • There is no other group like it. It is the first (2004) and longest running group of its kind —and the only group facilitated by an internationally recognized Adult ADHD expert, author, and educator.
  • The group has served as a unique lifeline for 10,000+ members over 19 years.
How Does the Group Work?
  1. Send an e-mail (or post from the site) and go about your business!
  2. Come back later to read responses
  3. When you can, please support and respond to others.
Why a Support Group?
  • Many mental-health professionals remain unfamiliar with Adult ADHD. 
  • Online, we're seeing commercial interests advance an agenda that dangerously downplays the potential reality of ADHD, especially in relationships. 
  • We focus on strategies and progress—but first validation of your perceptions.
  • There is definitely a place for "venting." Better to do that with us than your ADHD partner!

Who Sponsors This Group?

Gina Pera created this group and fostered it for 18 years as a labor of love and service. Not as a "marketing tool".  Quite the opposite:  This group motivated her to write my first book, because someone had to document the reality. 
Gina has never accepted pharmaceutical-industry support. That makes her a rarity online—and it makes a difference in the quality of information.

Is There a Fee?

  • For 20 years, the group was free. 
  • I recently upgraded the features, including peer Zoom meetings (facilitated by Gina),
  • The current membership fee is now $19.95/mo. You can choose to also participate in monthly Zoom small-group meetings for $45/month (includes discussion group membership).

What About Privacy?

  • NOTE: Your e-mail address and name will appear in your posts to the group.
  • We encourage you to use a pseudonym, so you can speak freely and "find your voice".  But the choice—and the risk—is yours. 
  • Don't want your name to show in your e-mails to the group?  Simple: Apply with an e-mail address that does not show your name!  
  • Don't know exactly what will show in e-mails to the group? Send yourself an e-mail and see.
  • You can change your e-mail address at any time.

Is This Group Solely for Women?

  • No, we welcome all genders in all relationship situations (dating, habitant, marriage, etc.)
  • Most ADHD-challenged relationship issues cut across gender spectrums, socioeconomics, and political lines. ADHD is the "great unifier!"
  • We do, however, offer a sub-group for men with female ADHD Partners. I've long found that men often are particularly misunderstood by therapists and family members when they seek support/validation regarding their relationship. 

Who Leads ADHD Partner?

  • Gina founded the group in 2004 and remains chief moderator.  
  • We are grateful to several longtime group members who have stepped up as co-moderators.  
  • Other longtime members also bring the voice of experience.

Who is Gina Pera?

  • Gina literally "wrote the book" on" Adult ADHD and relationships: Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?   (covers all types of ADHD; ADD was the prevailing term at publication)
  • It's the first book to examine the potential impact of ADHD on the adults themselves and their partners—and to detail the complexity of "denial" as well as evidence-based treatment strategies. 
  • Preeminent experts in the field of Adult ADHD and of couple therapy have endorsed her first book — and her second (with Arthur L. Robin, PhD), Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions.
What Other Resources Does Gina Offer?
(Note: This course is also recommended for those not yet diagnosed. Finding ADHD competence is tricky. If you want a solid evaluation, best start with the course so you can self-advocate .)

What Are the Expectations for Members?
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Sharing support, setbacks, and progress reports
  • No marketing or sharing links, ever
  • No writing to other members off-list, ever
  • Pro-actively pursuing solid education (the group is here for validation and support, not for a basic education in Adult ADHD)
  • Avoiding "us vs them" mindsets—people with ADHD are not clones and neither are their partners

This is a place for finding your voice and healing your particular challenges.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You!
Gina Pera and Co-moderators

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